Getting Hands-On With Functions

By: Kathryn Kundrot, Eighth Grade Math Teacher
In Algebra 1, we cover various types of functions – linear, quadratic, absolute value, rational, radical, and more. We utilize many resources, including our interactive notebooks and various digital tools such as Desmos to visualize our functions and compare them. In class, students learned about the three forms of quadratic functions. In groups, students received one function of each form; they explored all details of vertex form, standard form, and factored form. They created a display of all the calculations and graphs they found.
Later in the quadratics unit, students will create an artifact using parabolas. Some will create parabolic Rube-Goldberg machines, model the Golden Gate Bridge, some explore parabolic string art, and some explore quadratics with light. Math is art! Students at Live Oak get to see their learning come alive in their projects – they have a choice and a voice in their learning.

One throughline for the year is the investigation of change over time. There is such value in students choosing to investigate a topic of their choice. Celebrating agency and ownership allows students to start looking at their school, their community, the world and say, How can I make things better? How am I a changemaker?


Live Oak学校欢迎并接纳任何种族、肤色、民族和族裔、公民身份、性别认同、性别表达、性取向和信仰的学生参与Live Oak学校的所有权利、特权、项目和活动。在管理其教育政策和计划、招生政策、调整后的学费计划以及体育和其他学校管理的计划方面,Live Oak学校不存在基于种族、肤色、民族和族裔出身、公民身份、性别认同、性别表达、性取向和信仰的歧视。